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Custom Signatures

Incorporate icons, logos and more into your email signature. Get in touch below to learn more and strike up a conversation!

What's Inside

Learn about custom email signatures. Ready for Gmail, Outlook and other popular email providers. Choose between static or animated signatures and then whether or not you need clickable dynamic links (perhaps to a booking app, sales page or external website). The following short videos will give you an overview of my creation process to help get the ball rolling for anything you might need. Questions welcome!

Creation Overview

In the videos below I’ve given you an overview of one of my more recent versions of an HTML signature. This email footer incorporates both static and animated elements. 

Options Overview

The first options to decide are whether or not you want animation (this can be an icon, logo or thank you signature) and whether or not you want clickable links. These links will lead elsewhere, perhaps a website, calendar or other external page.

Design & Aesthetics

Once you’ve decided what you’d like inside the final email signature, it’s time to create and design the aesthetics. These can be your brand colors, how many columns are needed and size of any icons. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can check out something like Shutterstock or ‘Envato Elements’ for layout and design ideas (or get in touch of course).

Incorporating Animation

But what if you just want a GIF animation and nothing else? Easy. In most email providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) you’ll be able to drag and drop your animated GIF right into your signature settings. Advanced signatures will code in the animation along with other links and buttons. 

Clickable External Links (HTML)

If you want clickable links and external website directories embedded into your signature, you most likely are looking for some sort of HTML signature. The benefit of these is your signature won’t ever stack on itself or become skewed if you start changing devices. These can be both static or include minimal animation.


The last step is the installation of your new email signature. Each email provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) will have a slightly different installation process. Installation to Gmail is the example shown. 

Here are a Few Email Signature Templates

Stuck for ideas? Take a look at these three designs below. These can be customized with your content, images and logos. Wherever you are in the process, get in touch using the form below and I can try and point you in the right direction with some free advice :). Alternatively feel free to purchase these premade html designs (installation included in price).


Some frequent questions and answers

The first step is to figure out what components you’d like inside your email signature. Do you need clickable buttons, icon or logo animations? Feel free to get in touch using the form below to get a brainstorming session.

Absolutely not. I can create supplemental GIFs that you can insert yourself or fully-developed email signatures, coded in HTML. It’s up to you!

Yes, of course. What will help me the most is if you have your logo in vector format (.AI or .EPS). Not sure what you have? Get in touch! If you don’t have either of these formats I can probably recreate the logo prior to animation but this will of course raise the price a bit.

It depends how much you need! Think of it like à la carte style email signature creations. Small will be closer to $25, whereas larger HTML packages start at $99+ (see how you can save money by browsing some of the premade designs). All email signatures are priced out based on your needs so the fastest route would be to reach out with your requirements. 

Email signatures help with your overall branding and personal identity. This can be a way to embed links, calendar appointments and a variety of other unique graphics to stand out from the crowd.

Some of the main ones that I work with all the time are Gmail and Outlook. GIFs are supported by most email providers and mail senders (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.) but I’m glad to point you in the right direction.

Get Your Own Custom Email Signature

Step 1.

Fill out the form here to contact Jon, he will be more than glad to brainstorm about your email signature. To start, we’ll choose between static or animated and what components to include.